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Steam Weeder

Steam Weed removal

Effective weed control without dangerous chemicals

Looking for a better way to control weeds?

While effective, mulching and pulling weeds out by hand are very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Herbicides are a more convenient option but can pose environmental and health risks.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on factors such as the temperature of the steam, the duration of the treatment, and the size of the weeds.

Overall, steam weed control is a useful method for controlling weeds in areas where the use of chemicals is not practical or desirable, such as near waterways or in organic gardens. Also it is great for urban areas where weeds are scattered and pedestrians are nearby since steam is contained and totally natural.


Steam weeding or weed control (also known as thermal weed control) by the Optima Steamer uses only water (and very little of it) and exposes weeds to high-temperature low pressure steam. The intense heat causes irreversible harm.

This process involves directing a flow of hot steam from the Optima Steamer onto the leaves and stems of unwanted plants, using weeding specific accessories to channel the hot temperature in a concentrated area.

Steam effectively destroys weeds by dissolving the protective waxy layer covering the plant’s surface, leading to dehydration and eventual demise. A single steam treatment can typically eradicate most annuals and young perennials. However, older perennials may necessitate multiple treatments for complete elimination. Although steam doesn’t directly impact the underground parts of the weed, repeated applications target the aboveground sections, impeding photosynthesis and depleting the plant’s carbohydrate stores over time.


Did you know?

Atrazine (a chemical used in many herbicides) has been banned in most developed countries for almost two decades. The US EPA is close to imposing restrictions on the use of Atrazine for the following reasons (many local government have already banned Atrazine):

  1. Harmful to human health: Atrazine has been linked to a number of health problems, including hormonal imbalances, reproductive issues, infertility and cancer.
  2. Environmental concerns: Atrazine is known to contaminate water supplies, and has been found in rivers, lakes, and groundwater sources. Atrazine can remain in the environment for a long time and can persist in soil and water even after it has been applied. This can have harmful effects on aquatic life and can also impact the quality of drinking water.


Features of steam weeding by the Optima Steamer

  • 100% Chemical free
  • Uses very little water (0.3gpm max)
  • Simplified operation
  • Mobile and versatile
  • Support 2 users per machine (most models)
  • Specialized weeding accessories for professionals
  • Benefits of steam over traditional weeding methods

Benefits of steam over traditional weeding methods

  • Effective and less labor intensive
  • Weeds controlled in minutes, dried in days.
  • No harmful residual toxins
  • No damaging effects on soil health
  • Safe to use around pets and livestock
  • Excellent for urban weed control
  • Effective on annual and perennial weeds
  • No risk of crop contamination
  • Effective regardless of the season and in all weather

See our Commercial Steam Weeder in Action!


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