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Our customers’ voices speak the loudest and they’re what matters most

Below are just a few customer testimonials telling how the Optima Steamer™ has helped them work smarter, become eco-friendly, expand their business opportunities and make more money.

“We love our steam machines, it’s safe for us and safe for our customers”

~ Scott Gibson, Owner of Scott’s Finishing Touch, Avon Indiana

“In the cold and flu season, a lot of customers like that we can steam their vents to help kill the bacteria and germs”

~ Johnny Maliziola, General Manager of Scott’s Finishing Touch

“It is electric, it uses very little water, it gets higher temp, it’s faster …
I haven’t found a single thing that’s not a positive.”

– Arron Bell, Domaine Drouhin

“With steam we’re able to sanitize in about half the time as hot water and we figured we’re using about 30 gallons over the half hour. So, water usage goes considerably down as well.”

~ Kevin Johnson, 12th & Maple Wine Co.

“The Optima is an integral part of our business model that is based on convenience and eco-friendly vehicle cleaning. The Optima provides optimum eco-friendly cleaning: no chemicals, only soft water steam to disinfect and clean interiors to a high degree by powering dirt and grim away not only from easy to reach surfaces but especially from hard to reach areas like between seats and consoles in a time saving efficient manner. This equates to profits. The Optima also provides cleaning of child seats to a degree not obtainable with traditional cleaning methods of high moisture hot water extraction, soaps and/or chemicals. This allows Green Steam Mobile Auto SPA to successfully penetrate the young professional vehicle owner/user market and parents with young children vehicle owner/user markets both of which are substantial in size in Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding area.”

~ Cal H. Stanisch, Green Steam Mobile Auto SPA

“I started with a regular power washer, but realized it did not do the job I wanted to do, and did not help in providing the eco-friendly GREEN services I wanted to provide in the world we live in today. So I returned it and got myself a DMF Optima Steamer, and this machine went above and beyond my expectations. I have no need to connect to my customers water source, which means I can perform my services virtually anywhere. The variety of attachments available for this particular machine have also made it possible for me to be able to apply this product to many other applications other than just washing and detailing vehicles. This machine has opened many doors of financial opportunity for me. If anyone reading this is thinking or in the process of taking the next step towards success, I highly recommend the products from Steamericas.”

– Manny Espitia, Steamin N Gleamin

“The steamer has completely revolutionized the way we sanitize the winery. It has allowed us to be more efficient, not only with our time but with our target. We get such a deep clean with our barrels that we never have a worry! They always come out smelling great! With the tanks, various stainless and hoses we are easily cutting our work load sanitizing in half. It is such a relief to not have to worry about sanitization and cleanliness, one less thing to worry about! Plus, when it is time for maintenance the filters and probes are so easy to swap out. As someone with ZERO knowledge of mechanics and machines I was easily able to switch the probes and filters in half an hour! Thank you!”

~ Piper Underbrink, Privé Vineyard



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