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About Steamericas

Steamericas is an industry-leading supplier of commercial and industrial cleaning products, specializing in high heat, dry-vapor steam machines for mobile or in-house applications. Our mission is to provide our customers with eco-friendly, cost-effective cleaning solutions that use fewer chemicals.

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  • Learn about Steamericas business mission, our Optima Steamer™ product line, our employees and our distributors.
  • Steamericas is proud of its affiliations in many industry-related trade groups and organizations.
  • Hardware quality and safety is a primary concern at Steamericas as is evident by our multiple certifications.
  • If you have an interest in selling and servicing the Optima Steamer™, you might be able to qualify to become a Dealer.

The Industry Leader Since 2004

Created in 2004 by Seung Jin Engineering Company (SJE Corporation), the Optima Steamer was one of the first commercial-grade mobile steam cleaners to exist on the market.

Before the Optima, the only existing mobile “steamers” were coil-type wet steamers that were more like pressure washers. The engineers behind the Optima instead took the rapid-heating abilities of coil systems and combined it with the vapor-producing abilities of a pressurized pot-boiler. The result was developing a unique boiler vessel with an open inner cylinder that was capable of rapidly heating and pressurizing water, generating a pure vapor jet of steam that could clean and sanitize using a fraction of the water as a pressure washer.

Ahead of its time, the Optima Steamer immediately was seen as a water-saving alternative to car wash, enabling businesses to clean cars in garages or parking lots where pressure washers wouldn’t work. But the applications grew quickly as the powerful, dry steam enabled by the Optima’s patented boiler made it possible to clean almost anywhere.

Over the years, the Optima’s design has been refined and its performance optimized, making it the industry leader in portable steam cleaning and sanitization technology. What started as a water-saving solution for car washing has now become the industry-changing standard in automotive cleaning, commercial cleaning, food and beverage sanitation, and much more.

Constant Improvement

Being an industry leader means constantly striving for improvement, and with over 17 years that the Optima has been in existence, that’s been the focus. Feedback and cooperation with real-world users have provided Optima the opportunity to evolve from the inside out. With a dedicated team of engineers, R&D specialists, and industry professionals behind the production process, Optima Steamers have become an industrial-tiered product that is focused on functionality, ease of use, safety and durability.

Built to Last!

Optima Steamers are built to last, with many of our customers operating their steamers for 10+ years and longer. This has only been accomplished by our team’s dedication to supporting our products. We stand behind our product and we’re tirelessly committed to supporting our customers by listening to their needs and helping them with everything from operation to following proper maintenance guidelines.

Optima Steamers Use Less Water and are Environmentally Friendly

The Optima Steamer was created with the environment in mind. When it comes to steam car wash, the Optima can generate enough steam to thoroughly clean the surface and interior of the average car using less than a gallon of water; all with little-to-no runoff, which is perfect for drainless facilities! The powerful dry vapor steam generated by an Optima Steamer is capable of sanitizing a vehicle’s interior without the need of chemicals, so fabrics are left free of harmful residues all while ensuring no toxic wastes are pouring into storm drains. Safer for pets, kids and the environment.

No runoff also means you don’t need to purchase a costly waste water storage tank. You can avoid potentially expensive fines from breaking environmental regulations involving wastewater and water pollution. And by eliminating cleaners that contain chemicals, you save money.

Optima Steamers are cost-effective machines with dozens of specialty accessories designed for a multitude of business applications. All built to save you time with a short preheat cycle and with durability that keeps up to continuous use—day in and day out.