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Steam for Restaurant Cleaning

Clean and Sanitize Effectively with Dry Vapor Steam

Take Cleaning to the Next Level

Sanitize and clean every inch of a restaurant in one step with powerful steam from the Optima, and virtual eliminate prep and cleanup time. The Optima Steamer delivers a steam jet of 275°F / 135°C at the gun (352°F / 178°C in the boiler) that effectively kills microbes and melts grease. Steam produces little to no waste water, so hoods and grease traps can be cleaned in place. Penetrate hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and tackle harborage areas without generating overspray or puddles of waste water. The Optima’s dry steam uses a moderate pressure (when compared to pressure washers) that can safely clean sensitive components in your restaurant such as control panels, conveyor belts, HVAC coils and screens, walk-in coolers and freezers. Eliminate multiple steps of preparing, washing, soaping, rinsing, drying and cleaning up wastewater.

Recommended Model: Optima XD Mobile Steamer


An Eco-Friendly Solution
That Saves Money

The Optima Steamer quickly produces superheated steam—steam with a temperature raised by pressurization—that is proven to kill food-borne bacteria and it’s amazing at blasting away grease and grime. This means you can eliminate the need for chemicals while reducing water consumption, something that is better for the environment and better for your bottom line. With the ease of mind of cleaning with steam, you’re able to work faster and save time by not having to spend time with prep and clean up.

Complete Mobile Sanitization of Food Trucks

Food trucks need to be clean—inside and out. And not just clean, really clean. This is where the Optima Steamer is the perfect solution for Food Trucks:

  • The Optima’s powerful dry steam is proven to quickly sanitize
  • Steam can clean the exterior of a vehicle in less time with less water
  • Steam with cut costs on chemical usage and water consumption
  • Steam makes it easy to adhere to food and environmental codes

Cleaning Applications

  • Clean and sanitize processing and packaging equipment
  • Remove harmful foodborne pathogens
  • Clean and sanitize conveyor belts, processing machinery and other equipment
  • Use with CIP, SIP, COP and SOP systems
  • Clean floors, grout, windows, food prep, kitchen without overspray or chemicals


  • Reduced water and chemical consumption
  • No waste water runoff or overspray
  • Chemical-free sanitation
  • Save time, effort, water and more
  • Increased sanitation by cleaning in cracks & crevices, hard-to-reach nooks & crannies
restaurant sanitation with the Optima Steamer


“My customers are intrigued with the machine. Restaurants are calling me to provide cleaning services. The machine also has substantially helped me to clean cars more effectively and efficiently. Since the machine is chemical free, there are no after odors that I have to breathe in.”

-Salvatore Mazzuca, Sallie’s Steam It

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