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Optima Steamer™ XDm

The Optima Steamer XDm is Steamericas' smallest and most efficient dry steam cleaner, designed specifically for automotive cleaning professionals seeking powerful, portable, and eco-friendly detailing solutions.


Discover the future of mobile detailing with the Optima Steamer XDm, the latest innovation from Steamericas designed specifically for the automotive industry. Perfect for owner-operators seeking a compact and budget-friendly alternative to the classic Optima XD, the XDm offers all the cleaning and sanitization power you need in a smaller, more portable package. Weighing only 115 pounds and sized to fit even in tight spaces, the XDm is ideal for single-operator mobile contract cleaners.

The Optima Steamer XDm was built with the needs of automotive contract cleaners in mind, making it ideal for a variety of mobile cleaning and sanitizing applications, including:

  • Mobile car washing services
  • Interior detailing
  • Engine and wheel cleaning
  • Removal of wraps, surface decals and film
  • Also suitable for cleaning farming and recreational equipment, municipal cleaning, sculpture  and monument cleaning, disaster recovery.

Optima Steamer™ XDm
Optima Steamer™ XDm
saso certified

Optima XD steamer compared to the smaller Optima XDm
Person using an Optima DMF Steamer and microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of a vintage red car
Compact Yet Powerful

Our most portable steamer yet, the XDm weighs only 115 pounds, but delivers the same cleaning and sanitization power as the XD.

Two people using one Optima Steamer DMF to clean playground equipment
Digital Air Intake Adjustment

The fan can be controlled from the LCD screen on the front of the unit with the push of a button, giving users easier control over emissions.

Two people using one Optima Steamer DMF to clean playground equipment
Powerful Heating, Efficient Design

The XDm’s patented boiler system fuels its unrivaled power, quickly delivering more dry steam, continuously with a quick preheat time of only 5 minutes.

Two people using one Optima Steamer DMF to clean playground equipment
Quieter Operation

Uses a DC motor for the blower fan rather than the AC motor used in the XD, making operation of the unit much quieter.

Person steam cleaning a carpeted car floor mat
Convenient Connections

The XDm has 2 steam output connections standard with options available for more. Connect a water hose for an unlimited supply of water.

Cleaning tile grout with a special steam mop squeegee
Dry and Wet Steam

Increase the moisture output of the steam spray for tougher jobs. Hot water is delivered from the boiler to make quick work of heavier oils and caked on dirt.

using Optima steamer to eliminate weeds
Simplified Operation, Relentless Safety

The XDm has been intelligently designed so it can be operated by almost anyone. With over 20 safety features, it takes the worry out of operation.

using Optima steamer to eliminate weeds
Over 100 Optional Accessories & Tools

We have an ever-evolving list of optional accessories and specialty tools per industry and application. 


Streamline Operations

Operate anywhere with a 100% self-contained system that avoids run-off and overspray.

Save Hours of Manual Labor

Safely and efficiently clean hard-to-reach spots across multiple surfaces.

Eliminate Bulky Equipment

Reduces water consumption and eliminates the need for large water tanks, wash pad, recovery tank, air compressor and more.

Cut Costs on Supplies

Reduce spending on chemicals by 50-60% and save on fleet fuel costs.

Ensure Compliance with Regulations

Meet federal and local environmental laws like the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, and adapt to the CARB SORE Ban in California.

Offer Chemical-Free Sanitization

Upsell with eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning options.


Person using an Optima DMF Steamer and microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of a vintage red car
  • Clean a car using less than 1 gallon of water
  • No waste water collection, virtually no runoff
  • Cleans interiors, mats, engines all with water alone
Two people using one Optima Steamer DMF to clean playground equipment
  • Power of a pressure washer, fraction of the water
  • Eco-friendly cleaning without chemicals, waste water
  • Makes easy work of glues, tars, greases and more
HVAC units on a roof
  • Safely clean evaporator and condenser coils, air handlers, aluminum grating and exhaust hoods
  • Kill molds, penetrates harborage areas
Person steam cleaning a carpeted car floor mat
  • Continuous dry vapor steam sanitizes while it cleans
  • Easily remove gunk and grime from nooks & crannies
  • Reduce chemical usage, deodorize
Cleaning tile grout with a special steam mop squeegee
  • Eliminate odors where they start by cleaning with steam
  • Quickly sanitizes surfaces, fabrics, cushions, and other high-contact areas with no waste water
using Optima steamer to eliminate weeds
  • Safe, chemical-free weed removal
  • Uses very little water (0.3gpm max)
  • Specialized Optima accessories available specifically for weed removal

XDm Specifications

Voltage1-Phase, 115V or 230V
Operating Pressure8.5bar / 9.5bar
Boiler Temperature178 °C / 352F
Flow Rate250cc~500cc (.066~.13 gal) / min
Preheating Time5 minutes
Required Wattage0.3 kW
Water Tank Capacity 11 liters (2.9gal)
Fuel Tank Capacity11 liters (2.9gal)
Fuel Consumption0.55 gallons / hour
Freight Dimensions770 x 480 x 740 mm (30″x19″x29″)
Product Weight52.5 kg (115lbs)
XDm Specifications

Included Parts & Accessories

Part NoQuantityDescription
85-503571Steam Gun K26 with nozzle 2.5
85-502021Steam hose PTFE 6-8.5, 10m (Electric, 60HZ)
18-830041Microfiber towel FBZ, Dark blue
18-830051Microfiber towel Warp knitted, Dark blue
18-830061Microfiber towel Wool, Dark blue
23-331113Water probe sensor
12-240241Fuel filter Cartridge, SJOF-09
12-240221Water filter, ADMF 1212M
33-330074Fuse 5×20 6.3A (Diesel Model, 100V)
22-221050.28Silicon tube 12 x 16, Nozzle protector 1M
14-430332O-ring D.17.12 x 2.62 U115
14-430022O-ring D.21.89 x 2.62 U118
32-210611Couplings D. 1/2-5/8 PTC or
85-503621Garden hose adapter PF3/4 (USA Only)
35-500651Free Chlorine Water Check (EPA)
35-500661Total Hardness- Preprinted Foil
1Maintenance Toolkit
XDm Included Accessories

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