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Optima vs. Competition

The Optima Steamer

True Industrial-Grade Steamers

The Optima Steamer is a dry vapor steam generator designed for commercial and industrial applications where hot water pressure washers are either too destructive or too wet.

The Optima Steamer uses a pot-style boiler that generates super-heated steam that is delivered as a gaseous vapor and its pressure is derived from heat. The Optima is used in so many different markets that it gets compared to many types of steamers, so it is important to compare it to steamers in a similar class, though there are reasons the Optima may be a good fit for every application, even home use.

What Ours Does

The Optima Steamer was created to combine the cleaning capabilities of a pressure washer with the sanitizing power and water-saving potential of vapor steam. It’s designed to provide a continuous supply of true “dry” steam (pure vapor and not really hot water) that is capable of quickly sanitizing surfaces and powerfully cleaning grease and dirt, while doing so for a virtually unlimited duration with no loss of pressure and no stopping for reheating. The Optima balances the need for truly power steam with water and fuel-saving efficiency. We’re confident we have a superior product that does one thing really well: we make powerful, dry steam.

Who We Are

The Optima Steamer is made by SJE Corporation in South Korea. Steamericas is a child company based out of Inglewood, California and offers sales and support for North and South America. While we have many partners world-wide, we focus on working with qualified equipment sellers who can offer local service and support. Our dealers may offer a variety of packages or support options, but they are committed to a fair selling price and top-tier service rather than trying to make a buck selling cheaper online. SJE was founded in 1991 and the first Optima Steamer was offered in 2004. Steamericas began operations in America in 2009. The Optima has undergone 17+ years of improvement and cooperating with industry specialists along the way. Steamericas operates a full-sized warehouse and fully-staffed office conveniently near LAX, which is where we ship our products and provide support from, as well as working with service centers and dealers near you.

Other Steamers

Wide Range of Steamers

There are various types of steamers on the market. Some that are small and intended for more home or light commercial use, some that are larger and call themselves steamers though they are more like pressure washers and create “wet steam”, and then there are those that are similar to the Optima which are true industrial machines which may be designed for specific markets like food sanitation or mobile car wash. You’ve likely found your way to our site because of a competitor comparing themself to the Optima, touting anything from better performance, better value or cheaper prices. 

What Theirs Can Do

Smaller steamers, though often significantly cheaper, can’t deliver the volume of steam that larger ones can and essentially offer spot-cleaning. Larger, more powerful steamers that are capable of effective commercial sanitation and cleaning will either run on diesel burners or use high voltage, 3-phase electricity. Some of our competitors focus on being cheaper, some focus on perceived name recognition, and some focus on non-steam features. The Optima Steamer has become the world’s best-selling steam generator in its class, and you can tell because of how much time and money our competitors spend on comparing themselves to us. 

Who Are They?

Italy is sometimes seen as the motherland of steam products due to its history making espresso machines. Some of our competitors with small-to-medium sized steamers have their products manufactured in Italy. Despite their unique branding and appearance, most offer very similar products with almost identical features and functionality. Our competitors with similar, larger steamers originate from all over the world (though one in particular still wants you to think it’s made in Italy). Who you are buying your steamer from matters tremendously as your investment will only be as good as the people who will are there to back it up. Learn about where your product is made, who makes it and how its made, where the support will come from and where the parts will ship from when the time comes. Speak with real customers who own the products and learn what the steamers truly can and can’t do before getting sold on slick marketing, gimmicky features or fast-talking sales people.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Steamer


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