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Engine Steam Cleaning



Engine Steam Cleaning
Engine Steam Cleaning

The engine is the most important part of a car, and it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve its overall performance, appearance, and gas mileage. However, cleaning a vehicle’s engine is one of the most difficult auto detailing tasks to accomplish. Not only do you have to be careful with what products and methods you’re using in order to prevent catastrophic damage, but there are many hard-to-reach places and areas you must avoid using conventional methods, resulting in a very time-consuming process. Hence, not every car wash or detailing service offers engine cleaning, at least not at a low price due to its labor-intensive nature if you do not have a proper tool such as a true commercial grade steamer.

Utilizing commercial grade steam cleaning solves all of these problems. Steamericas’ steam cleaners for car engines streamlines the process and allows you to get to those hard-to-reach areas with ease, all while using no chemicals and less water than other traditional methods. Steam cleaning car engines is a more efficient, effective, risk mitigating, and environmentally friendly way to clean and sanitize, saving you time, effort, and money while offering a variety of other benefits for you and your customers.

We’re the industry leaders in engine steam cleaning, and our leading Optima XD Steamer will simplify your business while allowing you to work smarter, cut costs by saving water, and provide your customers with better service.

Why Optima Steamer™

Effective grime removal

It’s recommended that a vehicle’s engine gets professionally cleaned at least twice a year, if not more for those who live in an area where large amounts of dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate in their engine bay. You might know all too well how messy an engine can get, but regardless of the severity of what you’re facing, our steam cleaner for car engines can take care of the job quickly. Thanks to the high-pressure jet of our steamer, engine steam cleaning effectively removes particles of grease, dirt, and other gunk that has built up over time. With the Optima XD, an entire engine – even the hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned and sanitized in minutes.

Saves time

Because steam cleaning an engine is so effective, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time with the process, yet that isn’t the only way the Optima XD can save you time. The Optima features a unique design that can produce heat faster than any other steam cleaner for car engines on the market and it’s powerful enough to run continuously for multiple operators without any loss in pressure or effectiveness. With the Optima Steamer, you won’t have to waste any time idling while you wait for pressure to regenerate, and thanks to the plentiful onboard tanks coupled with extreme water usage efficiency, you won’t have to stop to refill either.


You might think that steam cleaning car engines would use a large amount of water, but an experienced operator using the Optima XD can clean and sanitize an engine – along with a vehicle’s interior and exterior – with less than one gallon. In addition to the water you save using a Steamericas steamer, engine steam cleaning also doesn’t require any chemicals to get the job done. This means there is no risk of leaving potentially harmful residue on engine parts or toxic waste ending up being washed down storm drains. A steam cleaner for car engines is better for vehicles, people, and the environment.

Saves money

Engine steam cleaning uses less water than other methods, is quicker and more effective, and doesn’t require you to use any additional chemicals or tools. Combined, this will not only make your operation more productive and eco-friendlier, but more cost-effective as well.

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