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Why Optima?

You Need An Optima Steamer

Industry Leader Since 2007

The Optima Steamer is among the first commercial-grade mobile steam generators of its class to exist on the market, being in mass production in 2007. 

It was designed to take the power and mobility of a hot water pressure washer and fit it with the power and water-conserving benefits of steam.

The only existing “steamers” at the time were coil-type and the engineers behind the Optima used them as an influence. Rather than having a long coil of pipes heated by combustion or a big boiler with a burner under it, the Optima Steamer has a unique system of having a single pot boiler vessel with an open inner cylinder that allows for quick heat up. This innovation has since been patented and makes the Optima unique among its competitors.

Over the years, the Optima’s design has been refined and its performance has been optimized, making it the industry leader in steam generating technology. What started as a water-saving solution for car wash has now become an industry-changing standard in automotive cleaning, commercial cleaning, food and beverage sanitation, and more.

The Optima Steamer has been fine-tuned to efficiently produce powerful, dry steam with a list of uses that keeps growing.

Why Optima?

Full line of accessories better than any competitors, designed to do a job right and quickly

Quality and Sophistication

Being an industry leader means you must always be improving, and with the 13+ years the Optima has been in existence, that’s been the focus. With feedback and cooperation with real-world users, the Optima has had the opportunity to evolve from the inside out. With a dedicated team of engineers, R & D specialists, and industry professionals behind the production process, the Optima Steamer has become an industrial-tiered product that is focused on usability, safety and durability.

The Optima Steamer is built to last, with many customers still operating their steamers for 10+ years. This has been accomplished thanks to the team’s dedication to supporting and standing behind its product.

Over the years, each use-case made way for the improvements that make the Optima what it is today, all while trying to make a product that is affordable and accessible to everyone. With the Optima XD, we’re proud to have created a product that reflects the years of refinement, and we’ve worked hard make it a product that everyone can be excited to use and own.

Saves time with a short preheating time, powerful operation that keeps up to continuous use, and has been refined for optimal performance and efficiency.
Powerful, continuous dry steam for 2 operators with no down time. Smaller steamers can't compare to the output of the Optima and the bigger steamers are trying to keep up with our performance and innovations.
Why Optima?
Why Optima?

Service and Expertise

Since it’s invention, the Optima Steamer has been in high demand, as it set itself apart from other cleaning equipment. Operations were opened in California to support distribution of the steamer in the Americas, and the focus from day one was to provide users with a machine that could handle the toughest jobs. One point learned along the way was that operators and businesses wanted to have someone nearby who could be there when things weren’t working the way they should. This led us to form partnerships with equipment sellers and technicians across both continents.

Today, there are 60+ Authorized Optima Resellers and Service Centers in North and South America, which means there’s probably a seller near you. There, you can get a demo and speak to a real person about buying options and service packages. After you buy, if you call for assistance there will be a real person that picks up when you call, and we’re dedicated to getting you the right information and the right solution.

We have a full inventory of machines and parts to support those machines in Gardena California, not to mention our Authorized Resellers who have the same. This means that if your machine needs service or repairs, it can get fixed fast–sometimes even same day.       

Trusted Name and Thousands of Enthusiastic Owners

Those who own an Optima usually own multiple. Those who’ve gone to other steamers always end up returning to the Optima. The Optima Steamer is the gold-standard when it comes to mobile car wash and detailing. While there are competitors who tried to replicate what the Optima has done, none have succeeded in matching our power, quality or value. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers–especially those who’ve tried other steamers. What you’ll discover is a community of owner operators who love their Optima Steamer and know why it’s the world’s best-selling steamer of its class.