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Safety: A Top Priority

At Steamericas, we take safety seriously and make sure that the products we sell have gone through rigorous testing and safety inspections. Furthermore, we go to great lengths to secure certifications to prove our products comply with applicable regulations. We are continuously at work to obtain the latest and most relevant certifications that matter to your business and industry.

Featured below are the certifications that our products hold. Because the various regulations from different countries and locales can require different specifications, you should notify your sales representative or distributor of the certification you require so that they can recommend the appropriate model.

With so many differing laws, codes, ordinances, regulations and requirements unique to every country, province, state, county, city and neighborhood, we are doing our best to pursue the most high-in-demand certifications. If there is a certification you don’t see here that you believe we should prioritize, talk to your sales representative or distributor–we may be in the process of obtaining it or will do our best to obtain it as soon as possible.



We’ve worked tirelessly to develop a model of Optima Steamer that is fully OSHA-compliant[1][2] while still delivering the power the Optima Steamer is famous for. Available on the Optima Steamer™ SE-II model.†


CSA Certified

The CSA Mark indicates that the product was tested and has met the certification requirements for electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical products in Canada. Covers the Optima Steamer™ XD and DMF models.



CE Certified

The CE Mark is relevant to the European market and signifies that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Covers the Optima Steamer™ XDSE-IIXEDMF and EST models.


ISO 9001 Adherent

The ISO 9001 Mark signifies that the product is compliant to a stringent set of quality management principles and ensures we are employing these practices to deliver the highest quality products. Covers all Optima Steamer™ models.

IMPORTANT: When considering Steamericas products for use with your business, it is important to research and understand all of the applicable laws, codes, ordinances, regulations and requirements of your local municipality, city, county, region, state, province, country, etc. While we carry the above listed certifications and marks, it is your responsibility to know for sure whether the Optima Steamer and other Steamericas products are the right fit for your operation. If you’re unclear whether a certain regulation or requirement would pertain to ownership or operation of one of our products, provide as much information about it to your sales representative or Distributor and they will do their best to answer your questions. Steamericas and our Distributors assume no responsibility for any failure to comply with any applicable laws, codes, regulations, or requirements.

†OSHA-compliance is based on regulatory code of California, USA. Each state may have variations of its requirements. OSHA requires equipment with pressurized boiler vessels of a certain volume to be 1) produced by an ASME-certified manufacturer, 2) meet ASME requirements based on various conditions and 3) bare the appropriate ASME Stamp according to those specifications. The OSHA-compliant Optima SE-II comes with a steam boiler vessel manufactured by Mytec Co. Ltd. , an ASME-certified manufacturer (verify here by searching for “Mytec” and “South Korea”) and bares an S-Stamp. Additionally, the equipment must meet other OSHA / ASME regulations including an ASME Stamped Safety Relief Valve. The OSHA-compliant Optima SE-II comes with a V-Stamped Safety Relief Valve in accordance to OSHA / ASME code, manufactured by Conbraco Industries, Inc. on behalf of Apollo Valves baring the NB number 11293.