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Optima XDm Steamer and Wash at One Colorado logos

Introducing the New Optima XDm

Experience the Authentic Commercial-Grade Steamer, Crafted for Professionals Who Truly Grasp the Transformative Power of Dry Steam

A serious steamer for serious detailers with a serious commitment to sustainability

Optima XDm steamer

Discover the Ground-breaking Steamer Seen First on @WashatOneColorado

Steam for Mobile Car Washes and Auto Detailers

The Optima Steamer XDm was built with the needs of automotive contract cleaners in mind, making it ideal for a variety of mobile cleaning and sanitizing applications, including detailing, sanitizing, and the removal of wraps, surface decals, and film.

No Run-Off Car Wash

Uses a fraction of water of traditional systems, generating zero waste water runoff and eliminating the need for a mat, waste water tank or reclamation system.

Engines & Wheels

With the continuous, powerful steam output of the Optima, you can clean engines, wheels, and even replace your pressure washer for doing the exterior.

Upholstery & Floormats

The Optima’s steam will rejuvenate and deodorize fabrics and upholstery with almost no need for extraction. Floor mats are brought back to life in seconds—eliminating the need for shampooing, extraction and drying.

Cleans Hard-to-Reach Areas

It is a miracle worker with cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies—like door jambs, seams, cupholders, vents blades, etc.

Clean the ENTIRE Vehicle with One Powerful Tool

Industry Leading Steam

Perfectly Optimized

Do More, Offer More

XDm Specifications

Optima XDm steamer
Voltage1-Phase 115V or 230V
Operating Pressure8.5bar / 9.5bar
Boiler Temperature178 °C / 352F
Flow Rate250cc~500cc (.066~.13 gal) / min
Preheating Time5 Minutes
Required Wattage0.3 kW
Water Tank Capacity11 liters (2.9gal)
Fuel Tank Capacity11 liters (2.9gal) Fuel
Fuel Consumption0.55 gallons / hour
Freight Dimensions770 x 480 x 740 mm (30x19x29″)
Product Weight52.5 kg (115lbs)
XDm Specs

Are you a professional who is ready to take your business to the next level with steam? Learn more about the XDm.

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