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CETA Membership Promotion for Dealers

Join CETA and Save Up to $300

Steamericas will partially reimburse eligible dealers for the CETA membership fee in the form of a Steamericas store credit. Each company can take advantage of the promotion only once.


  • Active Steamericas Dealers who are not yet CETA members as of March 1, 2022
  • Active CETA Members who are not yet Authorized Steamericas Dealers as of March 1, 2022

How It Works

Let Steamericas know you are a CETA member. Upon verification of membership status with CETA, Steamericas will issue a store credit of $300 towards the account. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing the store credit.

CETA Membership Promotion for Dealers

Why Join CETA (Cleaning Equipment Trade Association)?

  • Technical committee reports give you up-to-date information and data that keeps you one step ahead of new regulations and legalities.
  • CETA Certification Program keeps you and your employees certified in DOT, HAZMAT, OSHA, and other performance certifications.
  • Access to annual convention (POWERCLEAN) and educational sessions.
  • Increased Profits and Knowledge Through Free Benchmarking for CETA Members.
  • Network with top professionals while attending educational seminars, equipment training, and taking advantage of top notch speakers.
  • Access to Discounts available only  for CETA member from various vendors.
  • Scholarships available for CETA Member’s Family & Employees.

Why Become a Steamericas Dealer?

  • Carry a product that does not complete, but compliments your current product lines.
  • Unique and high-quality products with minimal competition.
  • Lead and marketing assistance.
  • Sales and service training.
  • Territory, Minimum Advertised Pricing and Minimum Resale Pricing management and enforcement.
  • Eco-friendly equipment that addresses chemical-free, dry-clean and waste-water restrictions.
  • Prompt part supply.

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