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2023 Dealers of the Year Announced

Steamericas is happy to announce 2023 Dealers of the Year. As Steamericas dealer network grows, we would like to recognize dealers who go above and beyond to push the Optima Steamer brand and provide superior service to the Optima customers. Please congratulate the following dealers for their efforts and performance in 2022.

Most Decorated Dealer of the Year goes to Pacific Bay Equipment of California.

This category is awarded to a dealer who has both excellent sales and service records. Pacific Bay Equipment (formerly Hotsy Pacific) is a premier Steamericas dealer who has always initiated collaboration with Steamericas in all aspects of distribution – sales, service, safety certifications and marketing – and pushed us to be better.  Jim O’Connell, the President of Pacific Bay Equipment told us why it is important to keep the Optima Steamer line as part of their offerings.

The Optima line of steam generators has allowed us to expand into many industries where water use is of primary concern. Our service and support is one of the biggest values we have to present to our customers, so that is of paramount importance to us when we look for suppliers of equipment. Steamericas and the Optima line of equipment fills that need and goes above and beyond our expectations. The Optima steam generator with its many models from all electric to diesel fired units has proven to be a reliable and invaluable investment to many of our customers. The availability of service and support from the manufacturer has been exceptional. The Steamericas line has proven to be one of our best selling equipment lines we carry. The staff at Steamericas has always been extremely helpful and consistently goes the extra mile for us and our customers. We greatly appreciate the honor of being named Dealer of the Year and look forward to many years of collaboration with the Steamericas group.”


Rising Star of the Year goes to Hotsy Equipment Company (HEC) of Ohio (multiple locations).

This award goes to a dealer who has exceeded the quota and shown the most increase in sales in a short period of time with consistency. HEC has been a Steamericas’ partner for over 9 years. Year 2022 was the start of a new relationship within the existing relationship. HEC was able to increase the Optima Sales by almost 100% over the previous year’s. We asked Brad Kopp, the Sales Director of HEC, how the HEC team made this happen. He says the Optima Steamer is a good complimentary product to existing and new pressure washer customers, and understanding the niche was the key to the success. 


“For over 40 years Hotsy Equipment Company’s core products were pressure washers sales and service. With the innovation of steamers and newest technology, we found that  the Optima Steamer not only had the quality and support that our customers now demand, but added a second dimension to the total clean process including proper sanitization. We are proud to be a major partner and look forward to providing future customers with this technology and all opportunities it provides to compliment our core line of washers, detergents and wastewater treatment. Our service and support is one of the biggest values we have to present to our customers.”

Pioneer of the Year goes to AAA Pressure Washers & Supplies of Arizona.

This recognition is awarded to a dealer who has shown a significant sales growth in a new or an emerging market. AAA PWS relied heavily on automotive related markets for steamer sales. Dave Spurlock joined Steamericas staff for a nationwide baking show and used everything he learned to his advantage! He has a message for fellow dealers.

“Being closely related to wash and detail guys, it is easy to get tunnel vision and focus on a single point of sale. I fortunately was able to attend the IBIE bakery show in Las Vegas with Steamericas staff, this was an eye opening experience. The chance to see the equipment in action and the way to talk about the equipment was a big help in getting me out in the field and giving demos & closing sales for a totally new market for AAA PWS. At the show, I met a fellow Optima Steamer dealer from San Antonio, Dwayne Jacobs of Hotsy San Antonio, who helped me in understand the winery and beverage side of things much better, which is another market we dabbled in, and now have done a few more demos and are waiting on purchase approvals. So thank you, fellow Optima Steamer dealer(s) and Steamericas team for helping us grow our customers. I highly recommend fellow Optima Steamer dealers to attend one of the Steamericas shows if you can and also to keep communication open with other Optima Steamer dealers.”

Brand Ambassador of the Year goes to Todd Dockstader of Carson Equipment in Oregon.

This recognition is awarded to a dealer or an individual employed by a dealer who promotes Steamericas products and brand tirelessly. Todd Dockstader is arguably one of the biggest advocates of the Optima Steamer in the Pacific Northwest! In the territory he is in, he faces fierce competition from other steamer brands in the winery vertical. Todd tells us why the Optima Steamer line is important for him as a salesperson.


“Simply put, a pressure washer is good for some applications but for many of my customers the optima is allowing them to do much more.

It is no secret that  the Optima Steamer is the most valuable piece of equipment for wineries. They depend on the steamer for barrel, bottling line and tank sanitization. For me, it’s a large part of my income as well. I could not be as successful as I am if I didn’t have the Optima Steamer to offer. Now branching out into many other industries – Exterminators, Graffiti removal, Landscapers, Restaurant hood cleaners to name a few.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with Steamericas. You are not just a vendor. Steamericas Sales & Ops Director, Ebony Young, is a business partner to me. Always there when you need her, as well as outstanding customer support, technical support. Optima Steamers have changed the way we do business at Carson Equipment.”

Top Sales Rep of the Year goes to Andy Huizenga of Great Lakes Hotsy in Illinois.


This is a new award category this year. This award recognizes the salesperson who has sold and reported most Optima Steamer sales. Andy has experience pursuing various verticals with the steamer and pressure washer world. He was one of the first Steamercas dealers to pioneer the food processing sales for the Optima Steamer. We appreciate his continued partnership!