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Cannabis Cleaning and Disinfectant

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Sanitizes While It Cleans - minimal waste water, indoor use
Powerful jet of steam will remove dirt and heat with render plant matter inert
Easily removes hardened resins, oils, waxes with little effort and no chemicals
275+F dry steam will cut through even the toughest resins and waxes, leaving little to no waste water
Replaces the need for chemicals and provides a thorough method of cleaning using only water
Will completely remove all traces of terpines and other flavor-contaminations, thus help produce the purest quality concentrates
Used in wine and beer industries for the same reasons: to get the most out of your product and deliver best consumer experience
Already a well-tested soltion in food sanitation, being used in barrel cleaning, bottle line sanitation, CIP equipment cleaning
Easily spot clean surfaces without the need for drainage
Documented 5 log reduction in lab setting using nothing but water